Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO )

CSL offers a wide range of B2B and B2C services such as:

1.Customer Management

Hotline / Reception desk / Help desk / Commercial desk / Sales support / Complaint desk / Technical assistance


CSL conduct telephone surveys to better understand the expectations clients’ customers; measure customer satisfaction; identify new markets; positioning of company and products from the competition; investigation and follow-ups via telemarketing after event: shows, exhibitions, congresses (goodwill, customer profile, etc.).

3.Telemarketing & Telesales

Launching of new products/services, highlighting promotional offers, targeted informative campaigns, tele-prospection is as well categorized under telemarketing campaigns that CSL achieves for its B2B and B2C clients.

Additionally, CSL offers qualified human resources having commercial skills to meet clients’ needs and expectations in terms of sales, upselling and cross selling of products & services.

4.Appointment Taking

Our qualified appointment taking solutions are to feed the agendas of your commercial representatives according to their daily, weekly, monthly schedules to increase your presence on field and develop your sales revenues.

A qualified appointment from your own prospecting criteria can significantly improve the conversion rate of your sales force.

5.Service Recovery / Debt Collection

CSL offers you an experienced team of amicable recovery specialists in order to collect what your customers owe your business so that you can focus on your core service such as production, sales of your products and services.

6.Qualification of leads / Prospection / Leads Generation

CSL updates name of decision makers (or contacts), mailing address, email, phone number etc., in order to optimize the quality of your customer database, improve reachability of your prospects and maximize conversion rates.

Database management:

  • Data entry / update / cleaning
  • Mailing

7.Back Office Operations

Our back office agents are responsible for administrative and direct marketing functions such as email, sending orders, preparing invoices etc.).

8.Call Centre Training

CSL offers training courses which are certified by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA). The training areas cover Customer Relationship Management, Telemarketing and Sales Techniques to clients’ staffs and youngsters detaining a BAC / HSC or are in their last cycle of secondary school.

9.Disaster recovery / Business Continuity

In cases of incidents, natural disasters or unavailability of your site, CSL allows forwarding all your calls to a backup site. Your customers, partners, suppliers will still continue to contact you at any occasion.

10.Hotel Call Centre

This ‘PLUG & PLAY’ solution allows clients to have at their fingertips equipped or unequipped office positions, supervisory positions and agent positions in a highly intelligent building without any infrastructure investment.

The Hotel Call Centre enable clients to customize their package by choosing value added services or facilities to ensure the best deal to match their needs. These include call centre software/ tools, international connectivity, internet access, 24/7 IT assistance, agents, training room, meeting room etc.

11.Virtual Secretary

This service is offered to small and medium enterprises and professionals in Mauritius. CSL, through this tele-secretarial service, manages the calendar and appointment of professionals while providing a reception service.

12.Consultancy service for the setting up of call centers

Our highly experienced consultants help you to set up your call centre while offering sustainable advices, strategies and solutions for optimum efficiency and growth.